Rohu Fish In Tamil [Name, Photos, Benefits, Price & More]

Rohu fish is generally tracked down in South Asia locales, and it is additionally called rui, roho or rohita. Rohu fish has a place with the carp group of class Actinopterygii and request Cypriniformes.

The Rohu fish is a medium-sized, silver-hued fish of cyprinid shape with a head like an obviously curved head. A completely adult and healthy fish can grow a limit of 50 kg in weight and 2 meters long.

Rohu Fish in Tamil

Rohu Fish in Tamil

Rohu fish in Tamil is called Kannadi Kendai (கன்னடி கெண்டாய்). The Rohu is a freshwater fish that has a place with the carp family and is otherwise called rui, return for money invested or roho labeo.

The scientific name of rohu fish is Labeo rohita which is named by F. Hamilton in 1822. Rohu fish is all the more normally known by its not unexpected name rohu just all around the world yet in certain spots, additionally realized by a few nearby names like kendai meen in Tamil and Malayalam.

Rohu Fish Price

The Rohu fish is effectively accessible in every Tamil locale and isn’t that costly in light of the fact that it is cultivated generally in fake rivers and ponds.

You can expect rohu fish cost something between Rs. 150 to 300 for each Kg in Tamil Nadu. The cost of rohu fish is nearly lower than a similar class of fish bunches simply because of its accessibility.

Rohu Fish Nutritional Values

Rohu fish has extremely high health benefits as it contains countless fundamental supplements which are a lot of fundamental for the legitimate improvement of the human body. The Rohu fish has extremely less measure of mercury tainting which is a major danger in other aquarium food varieties, yet it is very lower in rohu.

Rohu fish contains a few significant supplements like omega-3s fatty acids and vitamin B12 which the human body can’t deliver itself. It is likewise high in protein and low in carbs and contains just healthy fats.

It additionally contains minerals like selenium, zinc, calcium, potassium, and iron. This fish in a real sense doesn’t contain unsaturated fats, sugar, and fiber.

Here is the information for 100 grams serving of a new rohu fish containing the accompanying supplements:

  • Energy/Calories: 97 Ecals
  • Carbs: 4 grams
  • Moisture: 77 grams
  • Protein: 17 grams
  • Minerals: 1 gram
  • Phosphorus: 175 milligrams
  • Irons: 1 milligram
  • Sugar: 0 gm
  • Fiber: 0 gm.

Rohu Fish Health Benefits in Tamil

Heart friendly

Rohu fish contains omega 3s unsaturated fats (EPA and DHA both) which are a lot of fundamental for the human body as the human body can’t deliver itself. Both DHA and EPA help to keep up with the great soundness of the heart.

It helps in bringing down circulatory strain and keeping a standard circulation system stream in supply routes. The smooth blood stream increments heart work productivity. It additionally forestalls different blood-pressure-related destructive dangers like strokes and paralysis.

Further develops vision and brain health

By and by, the indispensable supplement omega 3s acids are liable for working on the soundness of vision.

It likewise has vitamin B-12 which is fundamental for helping the insusceptible framework. B-12 nutrients work on the grey parts of the mind and omega-3 fatty acids lessen the anxiety in the cerebrum. Specialists are recommended to incorporate rohu fish in those patients who need to get help from melancholy, cerebral pain, or headaches-like issues.

Upholds weight reduction

As we probably are aware, sound protein is a significant necessity of the fat misfortune process alongside low carbs. Rohu fish is high in protein and low in sugars alongside it likewise contains numerous integrands which are important for the weight reduction process.

Rohu fish meat is additionally called lean meat and its interest in weight reduction monstrosities is very demandable. It helps in building muscles and diminishing fats from the body.

Control insulin level in blood

Many examinations have shown, by ordinary taking fish in the eating routine diminishes the gamble of diabetes and controls the sugar level in the blood. Specialists have recommended diabetes patients to take fish on ordinary premises.

Those having higher sugar levels in the blood, it increments insulin emission, and those having a lower level of sugar, decrease insulin discharge which brings about sugar levels in blood generally adjusted.

Goes about as the best antioxidants

Fish is a decent source of antioxidants that battle harmful cells in decreasing the opportunity of disease. Rohu fish additionally contains vitamin D which is significant for skin wellbeing.

Antioxidants fight with pernicious cells which cause disease and furthermore supported the skin and hold sound glossy origin skin pigment.

Modest, tasty, and healthy

Rohu fish is a nearly less expensive and effectively accessible fish that has a scrumptious taste. Individuals love to eat them as seared, barbecued, or with curry. It has an extremely low measure of unhealthy fats and its meat has no off-putting smells.

Benefit in pregnancy

In pregnancy, rohu fish is an extraordinary decision. In contrast to different fishes, rohu fish doesn’t contain mercury. Mercury is a substance that ought not to be taken even in a limited quantity during pregnancy. However, rohu fish don’t contain mercury.

So, it is the most ideal decision for fish during pregnancy since it contains iron, zinc, protein, magnesium, and a high measure of nutrients and minerals, which is energetically suggested during pregnancy.

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Rohu Fish In Tamil

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Last Words

Rohu fish in Tamil is known as kannadi Kendai (கன்னடி கெண்டாய்), has a place with the carp family and Labeoninae subfamily.

Rohu fish is generally tracked down in South Asia in various dams, supplies, lakes, streams, and lakes. In nations like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Vietnam, rohu fish is one of the profoundly eaten fish as food.

Rohu fish contains a portion of the fundamental supplements like omega-3 fatty acids and B12 nutrient which by and large further develops heart, mind, and vision wellbeing. It additionally contains numerous imperative minerals like selenium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and a lot more which heightens immunity powers.

Indeed, rohu fish contains omega 3 unsaturated fat, which is brilliant for the heart, however next to each other, it additionally contains cholesterol that isn’t really great for the heart.

How about we expect our body needs 100 mg of cholesterol, and our body as of now creates 70% of the cholesterol inside itself, so 30% isn’t all compulsory. So individuals with heart issues ought to stay away from rohu fish.

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