50+ Fish Names In Tamil With Pictures [English Tamil Fish Names]

Fish are one of the significant food sources in the environment which incorporate both amphibian and earthly biological systems. Without a doubt, fish have extremely high commercial demands all around the world as food.

However, due to its huge different nature, it is very difficult to come by the specific fish from nearby business sectors as its names shift from one spot to another and language to language.

Fish Names In Tamil With Pictures

Assuming you just know the English name of fish and attempting to purchase fish from a spot like Tamil Nadu, getting that is exceptionally hard. In the Tamil language, the name of the fish you need to purchase might vary from its English name. Individuals have utilized nearby names rather than English names to trade fish on the lookout.

Or on the other hand on the off chance that you are from Tamil-speaking districts and presently you are in some other spot and needed to purchase fish from the market, it will make a major wreck as your nearby names are not pertinent there.

That is the reason we have referenced both Tamil and English for fish which will clear the entirety of your disarray and wreck about fish names in Tamil and English.

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Manual to Choose Fresh Fish

Have you at any point pondered and confounded while purchasing fresh fish from your nearby market? Better believe it, we as a whole have endured. This is on the grounds that the vast majority don’t have the foggiest idea how to pick a new crude fish and they wound up purchasing rotted or spoiled undesirable fish. Be cautious while purchasing fish and sort out the accompanying moves toward picking a new crude fish from business sectors:

Stage 1: Check the Eye

The initial step for picking a new fish is basically checking the eye of the fish. Assuming the eye of the fish is clear and swelling with dark pupils, the fish is new yet in the event that the eyes are shady, more profound, and students are not noticeable, that is an indication for the fish is old.

Stage 2: Check the Gills

The gills of a fresh fish are dependably red in color. In the event that you are as yet confounded and not ready to distinguish by means of eye, check the gill’s color. Assuming the gills are red in variety, you are all set however in the event that they are brown or even dull, that fish is going to get spoiled, leave that.

Stage 3: Check Stiffness

This is the last and last affirmation step of picking new fish. Attempt to press the fish body with a bang and on the off chance that it recovers its unique position rapidly, the fish is new however in the event that it is requiring longer investment, the fish is more established.

Salmon Fish In Tamil Name.

Fish Names in English and Tamil

Here is the list of English-Tamil fish names placed in alphabetical order.

Anchovy – Nethili/Thogai Meen – நெத்திலி/தோகாய் மீன்

Anchovies are little sorts of the fish bunch that are likewise called scrounge fish i.e., prey fish or snare fish. Anchovy in Tamil is called Nethili meen or Thogai meen. They have a place with the family Engraulidae.

Barracuda fish – Sheela/Oozha/Thiriyan – ஷீலா/ஓஷா/திரியன்

Barracuda fish in Tamil is known as Sheela meen or Thiriyan meen.

Barracudas have a place with the family Sphyraenidae of species Sphyraena. They are enormous savage, ray-finned fish with fearsome medium snake-like in appearance and a brutal way of behaving.

Barramundi fish – Koduva Meen – கொடுவா மீன்

Barramundi which is otherwise called Asian ocean bass is a type of catadromous fish in the family Latidae. Barramundi fish in Tamil is called Koduva meen. They are incomprehensibly utilized as food since they contain exceptionally fundamental supplements like omega-3 unsaturated fats, Vitamin B-12, and some more.

Basa fish – Keluthi Meen – கெலுதி மீன்

Basa fish in Tamil is called Keluthi meen. Basa fish is a type of catfish of the family pangasiidae. It is additionally realized by the names like “pangas”, “swai”, “bocourti” in better places.

Catfish – Kelluthi/Mandai – கெல்லூதி/மண்டாய்

By and large, catfish in Tamil are called keluthi meen or Mandai meen. Be that as it may, Catfish is a huge different gathering of beam finned fish which incorporates a few types of the request Siluriformes. Catfish have conspicuous barbels which look like a feline’s bristles, and this recognizes catfish from different fishes.

Catla fish/Katla fish – Kendai/Theppu – கெண்டாய்/தெப்பு

Catla or Katla fish is a freshwater fish of carp family Cyprinidae. Katla fish in Tamil is classified “Kendai” or “Theppu”. Katla is generally tracked down in rivers, lakes, and lakes of South Asia (India, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Bangladesh). Also, this fish is cultivated for huge scope in artificial lakes and river for business reason.

Cobia/Black Kingfish – Kadal Viral/Kadavara – கடல் வைரல்/கடவர

Cobia, otherwise called dark kingfish, is called kadal viral or Kadavara in Tamil.

It has a place with the types of carangiform marine fish and group of Rachycentridae. This fish is realized by various normal names like dark kingfish, dark salmon, ling, lemonfish, crabeater, and dark bonito.

Cod fish – Panna/Kalava – பன்னா/ கலாவா

Cod fish is designated “Panna” or Kalava” in Tamil. Cod fish has a place with the family Gadidae of sort Gadus. Atlantic cod, Pacific cod, and Greenland cod are the three types of sort Gadus.

Cod fish is broadly utilized as food that tastes really gentle and thick, flaky, white tissue. Cod liver oil has high dietary benefits and medical advantages. Cod liver oil is a normal wellspring of numerous supplements like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, Omega-3 unsaturated fats (DHA and EPA).

Dolphin (mahi) – Parla/Avlis – பர்லா/அவ்லிஸ்

Dolphin (mahi) fish in Tamil is called Parla meen.

It is an animal group of surface-staying ray-finned fish, for the most part, seen as in tropical and shore calm waters around the world. Dolphin fish has a place with the family Coryphaenidae of species C. hippurus.

Rohu Fish In Tamil Name.

Emperor fish – Valai Meen – வலாய் மீன்

Emperor fish in Tamil is called valai meen. The scientific name of head fish is Lethrinus miniatus and it has a place in the family Lethrinidae. Emperor fish is generally tracked down on coral reefs and reasonably warm waters in the Western Pacific and Australia Oceans.

Halibut fish – Potha – போத்தா

Halibut fish in Tamil is designated “Potha” “போத்தா”. Halibut fish has a place with the group of right-eye flops in the class Hippoglossus. The Atlantic halibut is known as the world’s biggest flatfish.

Hilsa fish – Pulasa/Ulla – புலாசா/சேவா

Hilsa fish is called Ulla/Pulasa in Tamil.

Hilsa fish is all the more usually known by the name Ilish fish, which is likewise called ilisha, hilsa, hilsha herring. It has a place with the variety Tenualosa of the family Clupeidae. Hilsa fish is the national fish of Bangladesh and the state fish of west Bengal.

King fish/Seer fish – Vanjaram/Neimeen – வஞ்சிராம்/நெய்மீன்

Kingfish or seer fish in Tamil is classified “Vanjaram” or “Neimeen”.

Seer fish in English is called Indo-Pacific king mackerel that is tracked down around the Indian Ocean and adjoining oceans. The logical name of the diviner fish is Scomberomorus guttatus, which has a place with the Scombridae family.

Ladyfish – Kilangan – கிலங்கன்

Ladyfish in Tamil is called Kilangan (கிலங்கன்). It is usually known as Elopidae which is a group of ray-finned fish containing a solitary living class Elops. This fish is realized by different normal names like skipjacks, jack-rashes, and tenponders.

Mackerel fish – Ayala/Kannangeluthi – ஆயிலாய்/கண்ணங்கெலுதி

Mackerel fish in Tamil is called Ayala or Kannangeluthi.

It has a place with the scombrid group of order Perciformes. The Indian mackerel fish is realized by different normal names like Pelaling in Malaysia, Bangdo in Konkani, Bangda in Marathi, Kajol Gouri in Bengali.

Mackerel fish has extraordinary health benefits and medical advantages as it contains omega-3 unsaturated fats and vitamin B-12 which are exceptionally fundamental for the human body.

Mullet fish – Madavai kendai/Velisa/Surada – மாதவாய் கெண்டாய்/வெலிசா/சூரதா

Mullet fish in Tamil is designated “Madavai kendai” or “Velisa” or “Surada”.

Its logical name is Mugil cephalus. The grey mullets are a group of ray-finned fish tracked down overall in mild waters. It is devoured for the huge scope as food in various pieces of the world because of its heavenly taste and high nutrient value.

Murrel (Snake head fish) – Aviri – அவிரி

Murrel fish, otherwise called snakehead fish, is called Aviri (அவிரி) in Tamil.

It is otherwise called the normal snakehead murrel, chevron snakehead, or mudfish. This type of fish is generally tracked down in South and Southeast Asia. It is a freshwater fish tracked down in streams, lakes, and lakes.

Pabda fish – Silai valai – சிலாய் வலாய்

Pabda fish in Tamil is called Silai valai (சிலாய் வலாய்).

It is a freshwater catfish species generally found in the clean water of lakes, paddy fields, and lakes. The pabda fish are fundamentally tracked down in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Indonesia.

Parshe Fish/Perch – Kilichen – கிளிச்சென்

Parshe fish likewise called the roost is called Kilichen in Tamil. Essentially, Parshe mach is the Bengali name for Mullet fish.

Pomfret fish – Vavval/Roopchanda/Aeri – வவல்/ரூப்சந்த்/ஏரி

Pomfret fish in Tamil is designated “Roopchand” or “Vavval meen”.

Pomfrets fish has a place with the Bramidae family and Perciformes Order. There is a sum of 20 types of pomfrets found which are remembered for seven genera. This is utilized as food and consistently sought after because of higher medical advantages.

Red Snapper (Jobfish) – Kalavai – கலாவை

Red Snapper which is well known by the name Jobfish is called Kalavai in Tamil.

Red Snapper is a type of marine ray-finned fish that has a place in the Lutjanidae family. It is local to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Various sorts of snapper fish in all actuality do exit like mangrove snapper, sheep snapper, lane snapper, and dog snapper.

Rohu fish – Kannadi Kendai – கன்னடி கெண்டாய்

Rohu fish is one of the most well-known fish in India. Rohu fish is called Kannadi Kendai in the Tamil language.

Rohu fish is likewise known by rui or roho labeo. It has a place with the types of carp family, for the most part tracked down in South Asia. This fish is for the most part cultivated in fake lakes because of its popularity in fish markets. The significant center point of rohu fish is India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Salmon fish – Kaala Meen – காலா

Salmon fish is called Kaala meen (காலா) in Tamil. The name KaaLa meen is utilized for Indian Salmon fish in the Tamil language.

Salmon fish is one of the most cherished and exceptionally consumed fish from one side of the planet to the other. This fish is local to North America and found chiefly in the Atlantic Ocean with the goal that it is likewise called Atlantic Salmon.

Salmon fish contains exceptionally fundamental supplements like omega-3 unsaturated fats and vitamin B-12. Omega-3 acids further develop heart health while B-12 reinforces vision health.

Sardine fish – Mathi/Veloori/Challai – மத்தி/வேலூரி/சல்லாய்

Sardine fish in Tamil is classified “Mathi” or “Veloori” or “Challai”.

Sardines are likewise called pilchards which are essentially a gathering of little scrounge fish in the herring group of Clupeidae. Sardines are generally utilized as trap or prey fish, however, individuals additionally love them as food as well.

Sea bass fish – Bekti – பெக்தி

Sea bass fish in Tamil is known as Betki (பெக்தி). It is a type of catadromous marine ray-finned fish of the family Lateolabracidae. This fish is industrially significant and generally famous as sports fish.

Sole fish – Naku Meen – நகு மீன்

Sole fish is called Naku meen (நகு மீன்) in Tamil. The sole fish is a level sort fish that has a place with the Soleidae family.

Tilapia fish – Jilapi/Kari – ஜிலாபி/கரி

Tilapia fish in Tamil is classified “Jilapi” or “Kari”. Tilapia fish is a normal name utilized for a few types of cichlid fish. Tilapia is a freshwater fish established in streams, lakes, or lakes and has high business and significance in aquaculture and aquaponics.

Tuna Fish – Soorai Meen – சூராய்

Tuna Fish in Tamil is designated “Soorai meen” “சூராய்”. Fish has a place with the Thunnini clan of Scombridae family.

Tuna Fish is a saltwater fish that has exceptionally high business esteem. The Tunas are extremely high in protein and different minerals like selenium, potassium, and zinc. It additionally contains high EPA and DHA (constituents of Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids).

Fish Benefits and Nutrition in Tamil

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish are the normal source of saturated fats like omega 3 and omega 6 which the human body can’t make itself so we need to take it from outside sources. A few significant advantages of omega-3 unsaturated fats are:

  • The omega-3 unsaturated fats help to further develop heart wellbeing by bringing down the circulatory strain. It diminishes the dangers of unexpected demise, respiratory failure unusual heart rhythms.
  • Omega 3 likewise assists with working on the sensory system by alleviating pressure and expanding the brain functionalities. It diminishes the gamble of depression, Alzheimer’s sickness, ADHD, and dementia.
  • It assists with forestalling the chance of inflammation and joint pain.

Vitamin B-12

Like omega acids, vitamin B-12 is one more significant advantage of eating fish or shellfishes. A few significant advantages of the B-12 nutrient:

  • B12 helps in the line of solid red platelets (RCB) inside the body which diminishes the gamble of sicknesses like weakness.
  • It likewise upholds bone wellbeing by adjusting mineral thickness which forestalls the chance of osteoporosis.
  • Vitamin B12 might further develop mindset and decreases side effects of discouragement. Lack of vitamin B12 prompts diminished serotonin creation which is a significant part of making nutrients.
  • It reinforces our resistant framework and gives a jolt of energy to the human body which makes our body safe from specific sicknesses.

High Protein, Low Carbs

Fishes are consistently a decent wellspring of solid proteins. Most fish contain high protein in contrast with sugars which is the best blend for shedding pounds. Shellfishes generally support the weight reduction process which contains lesser fats and builds the metabolism of cells.

Plays the role of Antioxidants

Remembering Antioxidants for diet might lessen the gamble of numerous extreme infections like cancer, respiratory failure, and skin sickness. Antioxidants search free radicals of body cells and lessen the riskof cell harm during oxidation. Antioxidants make skin solid, supported, adaptable, and smooth.

Fish Name in EnglishTamil
Anchovyநெத்திலி மீன்(Nethili), தோகை மீன்(Thogai)[/FONT]
Barracuda/Sea Pikeஷீலா(Sheela), ஊளி மீன்(Ooli), பிளிஞ்சன்(Pilinjan), கோலா(Gola), ஊழா(Oozha)
Barramundiகொடுவா (Koduva)
Bluefin Travellyபாரை மீன் (Paarai)
Bombay Duck/ Bummaloவங்காரவஸி (Vangaravasi)
Butterfish, Murrelவிரால் மீன் (Viral Meen)
Catfishகெளுத்தி மீன் (Kelluthi / Mandai)
Catla (Bengal carp)கட்லா (Katla), கெண்டை (Kendai), தோப்பு மீன்(Thoppu meen), கனவி மீன் (Kanavi), தெப்பு மீன் (Theppu Meen)
Clamsசிப்பி (Chippi), கிளிஞ்சல் (Kilinjal), வாழி (Vaazhi)
Codபண்ணா மீன் (Panna), கலவை (Kalava)
Convict surgeonfishகோழி மீன் (Kozhimeen)
Cuttle fishகணவாய் (Kanawai), தொட்டி கணவாய்
Dartகுடிலி (Kutili)
Dolphin Fishஓங்கில் (Ongil)
Eelவிலாங்கு மீன் (Vilangu)
Emperor (Mula)வாளை மீன் (Vaalai meen), குல்லி கோழி மீன் (Kulli kozhi meen)
Fin bream (Threadfin bream)/ Pink perchNavara நவரை , Rani meenu ராணி மீன், Sennagarai சென்னகரை, Thullu Kendai துள்ளு கெண்டை, Kandal meen கண்டல் மீன்
Finned BulleyeCheena vaarai சீன வாரை, Kakkasi கக்காஸி
Flying fishParava meen பரவை மீன், Parava kola பரவ கோலா
GarfishKola கோலா, Kokki meen கொக்கி மீன்
Greas carp fish (Carp)Kendai கெண்டை, Aranjan podi அறஞ்சான் பொடி
Grouper (Reef cod)Kalavan கலவன், Panni meen பண்ணி மீன், Komeri கோமேறி, Kelavan கெளவன்
GrunterKurumutti குருமுட்டி, Kalianthalai கலைந்தலை
Halibutபொத்தா – Potha
Herring GiantMooran Kendai முரண் கெண்டை, Manna மன்னா, Allathi அல்லதி, Ulathi உலாத்தி
Hilsa Fish/Ilish/ Hilsa Herring/ Hilsa Shad/ Palla Fish/ Hilsha/ EllisUllam/Oolum (ஊலும்), Vengannai (வேன்கண்ணை), Seva (சேவா)
Horse MackeralPaarai (பாறை), Puli paarai (புலி பாறை), thenga paarai (தேங்கா பாறை)
Indian Goat fishNagarai (நகரை), navarai (நவரை)
Indian Shad (Hilsa)Oolum (ஊலும்), vengannai (வேன்கண்ணை)
JewfishKathalai (காத்தலை), Koppayan (கொப்பயன்)
Katla, Catla, Bengal CarpKendai (கெண்டை), Katla (கட்லா), Kanavi (கனவி), Karavai (கறவை), Yamaneri Kendai (யமனேரி கெண்டை)
King fish/Indo-Pacific king mackerelVanjiram (வஞ்சிரம் மீன்), Kadal viral (கடல் விரால்), Neimeen (நெய்மீன்)


Here in this article, we have attempted to make reference to all the fish names in English and Tamil which are tracked down in India. This article will assist you with picking fresh fish from the market and furthermore assists with beating disarray about English-Tamil fish names.

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