Rohu Fish In Malayalam [Name, Photos, Benefits, Price & Facts]

Rohu fish has a place with the “Cyprinidae” group of class “Labeo” which is likewise called “Rui”, “Tapra”, or “Rohita” in better places.

Rohu fish has a small head with a sharp face though its lower lip is a decoration-like construction. The body is covered with a brown-dark tone with a red variety stick and covered with scales consistently with the exception of the head and fins.

Rohu Fish In Malayalam Name Rohitham

Rohu Fish In Malayalam

The Rohu fish is freshwater fish, for the most part, found in South Asian lakes, waterways, lakes, ditches, and channels where it eats spoiled weeds and waste materials left yet in fake lakes, various feeds are being appropriated for the legitimate and sound turn of events.

Rohu Fish in Malayalam

The Rohu fish in Malayalam is called rohitham, however the name rohu is itself particularly well known in Kerala which is utilized for the Reba fish.

Rohu is a type of carp family, tracked down in South Asia, an enormous omnivore, and widely utilized in hydroponics. This fish is generally famous with the name rohu itself in all dialects. There is a compelling reason need to realize its neighborhood name as its unique name is so much famous and acknowledged.

Rohu Fish Price

Rohu fish is one of the effectively accessible fish in South Asia as it is falsely refined for business purposes. You can expect the rohu fish cost in Kerala somewhere close to Rs. 200 to 400 for every Kg which is nearly less expensive than different assortments of fish.

In Kerala, regardless of the numerous different types of ocean fish are accessible yet the interest and frenzy about rohu fish in Malayali individuals are crazy. Individuals around Kerala generally need to purchase and eat rohu fish overflowing with happiness and fervor.

Rohu Fish Nutritional Values

The Rohu fish is one of the profoundly appraised river fish in the field of nourishment as it contains numerous imperative supplements like omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA both), vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and numerous others.

Rohu fish is extremely low in fats yet seriously high in protein and calories. It is likewise a generally excellent wellspring of minerals like zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, iodine, selenium, and then some.

100 grams serving of a new and solid rohu fish contains the accompanying healthy benefits.

  • Calories: 97 Ecals
  • Protein: 18 gm
  • Fats: 1.5 gm
  • Dampness: 81 gm
  • Minerals: 1 gm
  • Fiber: 0 gm
  • Sugar: o gm
  • Sugars: 4.5 gm
  • Iron: 1 mg
  • Calcium: 750 mg.

Rohu Fish Benefits in Malayalam

  1. Rohu fish is high in Vitamin C as it is a river fish that is fundamental for keeping up with great wellbeing. L-ascorbic acid forestalls cold and influenza-like normal illnesses and works on resistant power.
  2. Rohu fish contains high fish protein which is fundamental for muscle development and keeping up with great soundness of tissues in both youngsters and grown-up. It additionally supports weight reduction since it contains low carbs and high proteins.
  3. Rohu fish in a real sense contains no unreasonable fats, and that implies it just holds back valuable soaked fats like omega-3 fatty acids which are a lot cordial to the heart. Omega 3 unsaturated fats work on the strength of the heart by bringing down pulse and cholesterol levels in the blood.
  4. It is additionally accepted that eating fishes help to forestall malignant growth as they contain antioxidants that battle carcinogenic cells. The gamble of destructive, tragic infections like disease can be forestalled by consistently eating rohu fish.
  5. Rohu fish contains such countless fundamental minerals like zinc, iron, iodine, potassium, phosphorous, selenium, and others which are significant for helping resistance power in the body. The minerals assist the human body with recuperating and plan for the battle against outside microbes and infections.

Advantages of purchasing rohu fish on the web:

Here’s the reason it is more straightforward to purchase rohu fish on the web, as opposed to going to your closest fish market or store.


It’s difficult to decide how long the fish has been forgotten about, particularly assuming it looks frozen. On the off chance that it is frozen, the natural flavor and supplements of the rohu fish are compromised. Whenever it’s thawed out, it will promptly start to ruin and it won’t taste fresh.

Lets you stay away from the turbulent fish market

Assuming you’re an admirer of fish, you realize that the most horrendously terrible part is to go to the fish market, promptly toward the beginning of the day, to keep away from the group and get the freshest fish. Getting it online recoveries you a significant investment, allowing you to accept your fish when you need it. Basically, put in your request and have your fish conveyed to you fresh in 120 minutes or less!

Assortment of slices to select from

This is another explanation of the way purchasing rohu fish online recoveries your time: you don’t have to spotless or cut it at home! Avoid the long lines at the market and the hours spent scaling, cleaning, and cutting your fish. You can pick your number one style of cut on the web.

Cleanly packed

Rather than carrying your fish home in a dark, plastic bag, requesting rohu fish online implies that you’ll get your fish conveyed cleanly stuffed. At Licious, our fish is fixed in a clean MAP plate. Before that, the fish is cleaned in RO water and goes through over 150+ wellbeing and quality checks. So, with everything taken into account, very ok for you to consume.

Delightful Rohu dishes

Eager to begin cooking with rohu yet? Here are a few well-known dishes made with Rohu that make certain to move you to make your own! While these are generally Bengali recipes, the rohu is a flexible fish and can be utilized in any dish you’d like.

Rui Kalia

Kaila is a zesty, runny gravy that is made for day-to-day utilization. Stacked with red chillies, the fieriness of which is somewhat adjusted by the yogurt, tomatoes and gently seasoned fish, this exemplary arrangement is scrumptious and ameliorating.

Rohu Fish Fry

The rohu’s flavors hang out in this straightforward dish. Cover the fish with your choice of masalas, marinade it for 30 minutes, and deep fry the masala-covered fish. Had best as a canap√©, serve it with a press of lime and some newly cut onion cuts.

Rohu Fish In Telugu & Benefits.

Fish Rohu Photos & Images

Rohu Fish Price

Rohu Fish Images

Rohu Fish Benefits in Malayalam

Rohu Fish Nutritional Values

Last Words

In Malayalam, rohu fish is known as rohu itself while some called it rui or rohi too. Rohu fish is generally raised in Malayalam, and it has gigantic requests in fish markets.

Rohu has extremely high supplements pollutions like omega-3 unsaturated fats, B12 nutrient, selenium, zinc, cell reinforcements, and some more. Supplements like omega-3s and B12 are particularly significant for the human body as it assists with keeping up with the great well-being of the heart and mind individually and on the whole.

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