What Do Crabs Eat In The Tank? 10+ Food You Need To Know

Have you ever seen sand dollars with legs? If you didn’t, you just have to see crabs and the varied species of 4500 crabs that come in different shapes and sizes.

The crabs that are most common are usually the size of your hand, and the largest crab has a body that ranges 15 inches across and legs that can span 9-12 ft from the tip of one pincher to the next.

What Do Crabs Eat In The Tank

On the other hand, the smallest crab is called the P crab, and just as the name suggests, the size of the crab is equal to a pea. Have you ever heard of the hermit crabs?

They are the orange ones with black eyes that usually live inside shells. But it is believed that hermit crabs are not actually crabs since they possess soft bodies and don’t have the ability to grow their own shell, unlike other crabs.

It is already known by us that crabs mostly live in oceans along the beaches and the seashores.  There are a few other species that are also found in rivers and freshwater.

Do you have any idea of what crabs eat?

Have you ever given thought to what crabs eat when they are kept in a fish tank or when they swim around in an ocean?  the answer to this question is not as tough as you perceive it. crabs are odd-looking creatures that have long arms which end in claws or pincers, that are used for catching their prey and food.

Do you have any idea of the fact that there are more than 4000 species of crabs in the world? Four of the most commonly known types of crabs are Blue crabs, Dungeness crabs, Snow crabs, and King Crabs. Each of them has a distinct look and they live in different places but most of them have similar eating habits. Let’s take a quick look at what crabs eat,  both when in the wild and when inside fish tanks.

What constitutes the food of crabs?

Crabs are omnivorous and they preferred eating both animals and plants. As long as their favorite plants are concerned, they have plankton, algae, and fungi. On the other hand, when it comes to eating animals, crabs eat slow dead fish, claws, worms, and various other aquatic animals.

While crabs tend to be a favorite dish for many people out there, in this article we will tell you what crabs eat to live. Here is a list of food:


Crabs love to catch shrimps and eat them because they are not just easy to catch but also small and simple to digest. The size of the shrimp makes it one of the best choices for crabs both in wildness and in fish tanks. When you find crabs walking around on the sea shores, you that they have had their way on some shrimps. If there is one food that the crabs love to hunt, it is definitely shrimp!


When crabs are left on the beach, sponges are what they also love to eat.  sponges are usually found in tidal pools that mix up the waters of the oceans. Since there is a wide variety of sponges found in oceans, crabs have to be very careful about which sponges they eat. It is generally better to eat algae or Seaweed.

Brittle stars

Brittle stars are one more preferable food option for crabs.  There are several others see animals like fish, urchins, and octopuses that eat Brittle Stars. They are of high nutritional value for crabs and are commonly found on beaches that have enough high tide lines. The hard shell of the brittle star makes it easier for the crab to consume it. Brittle stars are creatures that have meaty bodies and this makes them a preferred food choice for crabs.


It is needless to mention that crabs love worms and they make excellent food sources for crabs.  you can find a wide variety of worms that can be used for feeding your crab. At your local gardening store, you can get earthworms. However, make sure the earthworms are raw before feeding them to your crab as a pet. Consuming frozen worms is a complete no-no for crabs as this can kill them.

Small dead fish

When it comes to easily available food options for a crab, small dead fish are the best.  dead fishes are never poky and this fact is loved by the crabs on the beach. You can find this type of fish in any water body or a local pond. Just make sure that the fish is small and dead. When crabs eat too much of that fish on the beach, this prevents them from consuming too much sand. So, whenever you find a crab in your fish tank desperately looking for dead fish, used know that they were not enough in their environment.


Mussels are one more favorite food option for crabs on the beach. But if you keep crabs as pets do not feed them mussels at home. If you keep your crab in a fish tank or some other kind of enclosed space, the mussel you give to the crab should be cooked and not raw.


When crabs set out hunting on the beach, they look for scallop meat. Hence it is totally perfect to give scallops to your crab when you keep it inside a fish tank or an aquarium. In case you don’t find fresh scallops to feed your crab,  you can opt for canned ones. The best thing about feeding your crab such a protein-based food is that the canned scallops will never spoil and can be kept for a long time in the fridge.


Algae is a universal food that is loved by every water animal including crabs. the ocean is what it is only because of algae. Algae are the source of oxygen and food to several sea creatures and it also plays a vital role in promoting their growth underwater.

So, when you bring a crab to your home and keep it as a pet, you should be aware of what it eats.  remember the food items mentioned and get them from your local Store to maintain a healthy crab.

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