Why God, Why???

Then Job answered the Lord and said:  Look, I am of little account; what can I answer you?  I put my hand over my mouth.  Job 40:3-4

My little one started preschool this year.

And at that age, he’s in the “Why” stage.

“Why do I have to eat dinner?”  “Why can’t I drink soda?”  “Why can’t I have that toy, too?”  “Why do we have to go to sleep now?”  

And so on and so forth.

Our toddlers have curious immature brains and asking why is their way of trying to learn about the world around them.

Parents sometimes have the answers.  Parents sometimes run out of answers.  (Or sometimes we’re just in a hurry and want the conversation to end…)

And when that happens, we end up saying, “Someday you’ll understand when you grow up.”

And when I say that, it’s an unsatisfactory answer that gets a pout from my toddler.

We always want to know why.  And this doesn’t change when we grow up.

The difference is – we ask it for a different reason…

I’ve been asking that a lot lately.  6 months more or less.  And I still don’t have any answers.  Nada.  Zip.

This week, a lot of the first readings are taken from the book of Job.  He was a good man and was blessed.  One day, these blessings were taken from him and Job started asking “Why?”

You may have asked something similar at one point in your life, too.   “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

And all you may hear is the sound of crickets in a still night.

Just like a toddler, our brains are too limited to understand God’s ways.

The only thing we do know is God loves us like a parent loves a child.

And although the child doesn’t understand everything, whatever a parent does is usually for the good of their precious little one.

This is easier said than done.

Because it’s quite painful to wait.  It’s humbling.  Sometimes even humiliating.  And heart breaking.

I don’t know why I’m where I am right now.  I’ve learned to trust that it’s for a reason.  And just like Job I stopped asking why and just put my hands on my mouth.

You may not have the answers to your questions, too.   But we know we can be still because God loves us.

And in the stillness…in the silence…in the suffering…

… God sent me graces to save me and my family.

There may not always be an answer.

But there will always be grace for you and me.



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