Wisdom Of Heart

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain wisdom of heart.  Psalm 90:12

Reflection was based on this Sunday’s readings.

“How much time do we have?” asked a history teacher.

The students thought their teacher was asking how much more time was remaining for their session that day.  They turned their heads to look at the clock.

Then the history teacher said, “The answer is not found on that clock.”

“How much time do we have?”, the history teacher asked again.

The students were silent.  Then the teacher said, “Not a lot.”

This was a scene in the movie, “School of Life.”  Ryan Reynolds was a new history teacher who was accepted by  the students right away and was well loved.  He excelled in what he did and had compassion towards everyone.  Towards the later part of the movie, it was revealed he had lung cancer.  He eventually passed away but he touched the lives of all those around him.

We will all leave this earth someday.  But the truth doesn’t really hit us until something potentially threatens our own existence.

Yesterday, I made a general check up with my doctor.  I was fortunate she was very thorough.  I didn’t say a lot but she knew what I wanted checked.  So several tests were ordered and I spent half a day undergoing tests.

This morning I received a phone call.  They found something abnormal on my mammogram result and wanted more imaging to be done.  They needed more mammogram images and potentially an ultrasound.

Thoughts came racing through my mind.   If the succeeding images are positive, it would mean I have breast cancer.  I am hoping they turn out to be negative…

I thought I would have heightened fears of dying.  At the present time, I’m surprised I’m not.  Maybe I’m in denial.  What I’m more concerned about is my family that might potentially be left behind.

I have dreams.  I have many, many dreams for my family.   My children are young – 3 1/2 years old and 17 months old.

And now, there might not be enough time.

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain wisdom of heart. Psalm 90:12

My attitude changed as I came home today.

That extra running around that George wanted?  I usually tire out easily.  This time, I ran as much as he wanted until he was actually the one that got tired.  I did get tired, too, but it didn’t matter. Because there’s plenty of time to rest when you’re gone.

As for Gracie, she got extra cuddle time today.   Because the day will someday come when I can’t cuddle her any more.

My husband?  He gave me extra hugs today…

“How much time do we have?”…. “Not a lot.”

This Sunday’s readings exhort us to “seek what is above.”

It reminds us our earthly life is just a pit stop.  It reminds us our journey is eventually to go to heaven.  It reminds us to do what is pleasing to God.

And what that entails is to be kind and love and care for those who are in your sphere of influence – your family, your friends, your co-workers and your community.

I hope you don’t have to receive news like this from your doctor.  Don’t wait until something happens to you to realize life is short.  Make the most of every moment with your loved ones.  And be kind to all – because we don’t know what battles other people are facing deep inside.

As for me, God is writing His story.  And I am relaying it to you as it unfolds.  Stay with me.  I might need to borrow your courage.  Because as I held Gracie in my arm, I promised her “It’s going to be ok.”


26 thoughts on “Wisdom Of Heart

    1. No final diagnosis yet. They wanted to double check so I need to go in for further testing. Hopefully it will all be negative. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂


  1. Don’t worry. My prayers are with you. I’m sure your results will turn out negative and you have several several more years to enjoy life with your husband & kids.


  2. Well after reading this complete blog post, I will just say It’s awesome. I really like the way of explanation in this article. Tips are very good and helpful for me. I think other people should also read blog post very seriously because this will help them to learn something new which they need. Hope this post will also help others when they will read it. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog post.


  3. Wow this really tugs at the heart strings. I pray that you come out with good news. I really love how you positively made the most of your day with the news you were given. It really makes me rethink my priorities. Today, I will let my daughter stay a while past her nap time without worrying about the work that needs to be finished while she is asleep. I will hug my husband tighter and not think about those things I asked him to do. I will call my family and stay on the phone a little longer, just to hear their voices. I will thank God for it all, and I will thank YOU for sharing this lovely and inspiring story. Thank you.


  4. People tend to go for what they deem most important – aka money, because they thought they have plenty of time left. I went for my dreams because I know how much time I have left. So this is really sound advice.


  5. This post is like a wake up call. We must value the life that we have now, not everyone is lucky enough. Keep the faith, I’m pretty sure your doctor just wants to check everything. It’s all going to be okay!


  6. I never knew that Ryan Reynolds had a film like this. Sounds very dramatic, not what he is more known for. Really gives you pause as to how you will be perceived by people after you die. You have to do the best of what you can do while alive.


  7. I admonish you to please read Psalm 91 always. God will definitely in his mercies divinely touch you and change your story for good beyond your wildest imaginations. It’s well with you all!


    1. Thank you, Adeleke! I have read Psalm 91. Will continue to read it always. God has set me high on a rock and delivered me. I just did my additional tests yesterday and the results were negative! Praise God!!!


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